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NJ on Target

Newsletter of ANJRPC                                                       April, 2002
Nancy Ross, Editor


At the end of March, the New Jersey Institute of Technology demonstrated a "crude prototype" of a smart gun for State Senators at the request of Senator Inverso, the Republican prime sponsor of the smart gun bill. NJIT Vice president "Donald Sebastian said that the firearm is "several years away."  NJIT claims that "biometrics are a feasible enabler, but a great deal of technology development is yet required to create a commercially viable and affordable weapons system." Their solution is to lobby the State Legislature and Congress for more funding to develop the technology.

NJIT has hooked up with Smith & Wesson, Taurus International, F. N. Manufacturing, Inc. (FNMI), Phoenix Arms, and Alchemy Arms to create the firearm.

The Smart Gun bill which has been renamed the personalized handgun bill, could come up for a vote in the State Senate or Assembly as early as Mary. This bill will permit only the sale of smart guns in New Jersey after the Attorney General determines that one smart gun is available for sale. The time is now to write to your legislators and letters to the editor. Here's a letter from ANJRPC activist Terry Wintrob to the Trenton Times:

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about one omission and two, uh, misrepresentations in
Michael Jennings's March 26 story "N.J. researchers zeroing in on `smart
gun' technology" []

The omission that concerns me is that, although the article says
"Unauthorized users could not fire the prototype", it does NOT say that
AUTHORIZED users COULD fire the prototype.

More importantly, the article contains two rather blatant lies.

1. "According to federal statistics, firearms kill 5,000 children a year
in the United States."


There are no federal statistics showing that firearms kill 5000 children
per year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
[], firearm deaths for
ages 0-19 (including accidents, suicides, homicides, and "intent
unknown") averaged fewer than 3800 between 1997 and 1999 and totaled
only 3385 in 1999. That's a far cry from 5000.

But that's not even the main lie in that Big Lie. The main lie is that
nearly half of those 3800 were ages 18 and 19. THOSE AREN'T CHILDREN!
18-year-olds can vote, join the armed forces, stand trial as adults;
children cannot.

2. Inverso's bill "would mandate handguns sold in New Jersey use smart
technologies three years after a reliable model is on the market."


NOWHERE in this bill is it even IMPLIED that the model must be reliable.
I quote from the bill in question, A700/S890:
        "For the purposes of this section, personalized handguns
        shall be deemed to be available for retail sales purposes
        if at least one manufacturer has delivered at least one model
        of a personalized handgun to a registered or licensed wholesale
        or retail dealer in New Jersey or any other state."

All that's required is that one gun maker anywhere in the world deliver
one such handgun to any licensed wholesaler or retailer anywhere in the
U.S. and BAM! The Attorney General rolls out the ban on NJ sales of
normal handguns. It doesn't even have to work. All that's required is
that some anti-gun politician or activist get a license to sell firearms
and then take delivery of some piece of junk fabricated by his

We're talking about New Jersey politicians here, so let's not pretend
that something so dishonest and absurd wouldn't happen.

If you won't publish this letter, will you at least correct the
misinformation in Jennings's article?

Terry Wintroub
Lawrenceville, NJ

ANJRPC/PAC put out the following endorsement statement for the 5th Congressional District.


The ANJRPC/PAC is endorsing two candidates, Scott Garrett and Gerald Cardinale, in the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District. Both are excellent pro-Second Amendment candidates and will serve our cause well in Congress.  We urge you to support the candidate of your choice.

Gun owners can always count on Assemblyman Scott Garrett. No matter how controversial the vote, you can be sure that Garrett will always sided with gun owners. He is one politician that has never caved into political pressure.  Whether it's opposing trigger locks, opposing raising the age to purchase a gun, or opposing smart guns, Garrett is a strong defender of the Second Amendment.  He is a prime co-sponsor of our Right-to-Carry bill and is also a sponsor of our Firearm Safety Education bill.  Scott Garrett is a true friend.

Senator Gerald Cardinale was the first New Jersey legislator to introduce the Right to Carry bill, and has reintroduced the bill in each legislative session.  Last year he won the right of out-of-state police offices who live in NJ to carry, and he streamlined requirements to carry for retired police officers.  He is a long time friend to gun owners. Cardinale stands by his convictions, regardless of what others think.

The ANJRPC/PAC feels confident that either candidate will make an excellent congressman.  Make sure to vote on Tuesday, June 4. We strongly urge you to work on either candidate's campaign.

Garrett for Congress
PO Box 905 
Newton, NJ 07860
or call  888-VOTE-GOP (888) 868-3467

Cardinale for Congress
Box 105
Ridgewood, NJ 07451
Or call: 201-947-9977


The following statistics have been floating around the internet. They make a startling case for why you should never get sick!

Number of physicians in the US: 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year: 120,000
Accidental deaths per physician... 0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human

Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups): 1,500
Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than
gun owners.

Jersey City Sues Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Other Gun Makers

New Jersey joined several other cities in opportunistically suing gun manufacturers including, Smith & Wesson Corp. (SMWS), Beretta, Glock Corp. and Colt Manufacturing Corp.  Similar suits in Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Camden have been dismissed. Given the track record, these suits are more harassment than anything else. The city of Boston became the first city in the nation to voluntarily drop a lawsuit against the gun industry. Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the city's health commission acknowledged that going to trial was too expensive.


Former Assemblyman Gerald Luongo, a pro-Second Amendment Assemblyman was sentenced to 13 months in federal prison according to 4/3/02. Luongo was convicted of using township and campaign funds for personal purposes. In 1999, Luongo lost his re-election to his 4th district Assembly seat, and was defeated for re-election as Mayor of Washington Township (Gloucester County) in 2000.

Former Assembly speaker Jack Collins is now a senior counsel with Princeton Public Affairs, a lobbying company in Trenton. Collins was speaker for 6 years and served in the Assembly for an additional 16 years. After leaving the Assembly, Collins was a consultant for PSEG Nuclear, operator of nuclear power plants in Salem County. The principals of the Princeton Group are Dale Florio and Bradley Brewster. According to the Courier Post, Collins said, "I have been surprised to learn the amount of money that some people who are lobbyists or consultants make." Collins told the Courier-Post in January.

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