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Match bulletins and match results will be posted  hear as they are made available  from the match directors, if there are any mistakes please contact the match directors. If you are on the mailing list these bulletins will be sent by e-mail to you, but should not be conceded official to you receive them in writing.  



Bud Ost 10/30/05

2005 3P Sectional 1/30/05



2004 3P Section 1/25/04   .PDF

Sporter Air & .22 Prone State Champ. - Lake Island Feb. 13-15th, 2004

3P Sporter and Precision Air Rifle Sectional - Somerset Feb. 22nd, 2004 PDF

2004 3P Air and Sporter State Champ.PDF

2004 Open Prone State Championship. PDF

2004 -2005 3P JORC.PDF  12/12/04



2003 JORC Smallbore 12/14/03.   PDF

2003 Open Prone State Championship 5/17-18/2003  .PDF

2003 4P Jr. Sectional  .PDF

2003 4P open Sectional .PDF

2003 3P Sectional 1/26/03  .PDF

2003 Palmyra Invitational    PDF    in DOC 160K

2003 3P Air Sectional and 3P Sporter


2003 Air Sectional 4/12/03  .PDF



3 Position JR. Sectional  1/27/2002  PDF

3P Air Sectional 2/24/02 PDF

3p Sporter Sectional 2/24/02 PDF

2002 Open Air Sectional . pdf

2002 Open NRA 3P Sectional. pdf

2002 Open NRA 4P Sectional. pdf

2002 March 17,Air Rifle.pdf

2002 April 6 Open Air Match.pdf

2002 April 21 Jr. Air Rifle Sectional.pdf

2002 May 25-26 Prone State Champ. Open.PDF

2002 Garden State Games Air Rifle 7/13/02 .PDF

2002 Garden State Games Smallbore 7/14/02 .PDF

2002 Bud Ost .PDF

2002 Walsh XLS

If you can not open these files you need to down load Acrobat Reader from the link below..Get Acrobat Reader