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If you want to qualify for the four‑person position team, four‑person prone team, or the two person Whistler Boy team as alternates as well as an "all sub junior" Prone Team, you must fire in fourteen(14) or more of the eightean(18) competitions list here.


The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. will pay range fees, food and lodging at the National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio for those members of the position and prone teams.


Please note that all of the prone scores of these competitions will go to cumulative aggregate for the prone team. In all cases, your top fourteen(14) scores will ad as the aggregate. Any shooter firing over fourteai(14) matches will have the appropriate number of low scores dropped. Any shooter firing in less than fourtem(14) matches and who shows proper written excises, will have the appropriate number of low match scores added for the aggregate.


Failing to fire at least FOUR of the outdoor competitions will make you ineligible for any of these teams.


If you are unable to attend a competition and would like to be excused, a letter explaining your absence, along with any other documentation, should be sent to the Smallbore Chairman, to be reviewed by his committee.